Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated July 31/10
  - mapping for new/updated heroes and items (current 6.68b map)

Updated February 4/10:
  - mapping for new/updated heroes (current 6.66b map)
  - tavern mapping for new items
  - same spell layout (W, E, R, T for spells, etc.)

Updated Tuesday Nov 10/09:
 - uploaded an updated version of my CustomKeys.txt that includes;
    - mapping for new/updated heroes
    - mapping for items and hero taverns
    - same spell layout (W, E, R, T for spells, etc.)

Attached below is the Custom Keyboard shortcuts that I will be using in all of my scripts. Other scripters may conform to mine or post their own.

To create your own custom keyboard shortcuts go to this generator.

To use these custom keys simply navigate to your Warcraft III folder,
 (Usually C:/Program Files/Warcraft III)
and paste the CustomKeys.txt below into it.

Then, while running Warcraft go to Options > Gameplay > Check "Use Custom Keyboard Shortcuts"

Admin @DotAKey,
Jul 31, 2010, 2:23 PM