Hero Script - Meepo

Here is a preview of my written code to make all four meepo clones to poof to a single one in 0.1 sec.

Hero Script - Meepo

#ifWinActive ahk_class Warcraft III

#SingleInstance Force

;;Code for all Meepos to poof to the first/nearest one to your mouse pointer. 
;;NOTE: all meepos must be selected in one group.
    CapsLock::  ;; press caps lock to activate
        Loop 4    ;;does this to all four meepos (i may make meepo detection in the future)
SendPlay, E{Lbutton}{TAB}

The exe to run this script is here

Note: For this to work, your meepo's 'poof' spell must be set to the shortcut "E".
My Custom Keyboard Shortcuts can be found here.